Monday, July 4, 2011

Searching For Harry Potter...

We're raising Harry Potter Fans at our house.

Yep, we sure are.

When the girls turned 5, we upgraded our bedtime stories to chapter reading out of books we decided they should hear. Harry Potter was at the top of the list because we were excited for them to hear the story. (And really, isn't that what makes being a parent so gosh darn awesome? You get to decide what books your kids will have to sit and listen to. Also, I can read in an awe-inspiring English accent, making it completely enthralling to listen to, I'm sure. But mostly, they listen because we've told them they'll like it.)

Our initial plan was to not allow the girls to see any of the movies if we hadn't yet read the book to them. We were pretty successful with that goal in the beginning; however, interest waned, and time flitted discreetly away.

Consequently, here looms the last installment of the series, ready to release in a little over a week, and we've only gotten through book 2, The Chamber of Secrets. So we've begun a Harry Potter Marathon at our house, gearing the girls up for our last opportunity to take them to the theater to see a Potter film released.

Here's what they've told me so far:
1. Harry was "cutest" in the first one. (I suspect that is because he appeared closer to their age)

2. No matter what the wizarding world can do, cars should most definitely not fly. Ever. End of story. (Clearly they've not seen Back To The Future II).

3. It would be okay to have a pet owl. "Can we have one, mom?" Nope. (End of story).

4. Spiders should not ever, ever, ever grow that big. "No, mom, they really shouldn't." I agree. Completely.

We're cruising our way through each DVD, the girls experiencing them for the first time, while Dan and I reminisce about where we were and what was going on in our lives as each was released. It's a family affair here.

.....and I still hate the spiders in Chamber of Secrets. Hate them.

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