Wednesday, July 27, 2011

: Homeschooling Adventure

This Fall marks the beginning of a new adventure here in our household. As many of you know, (and maybe some of you keep trying to forget), we're going to be giving the Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) a try.

People keep asking me if it's a homeschool program. No. And yes. Yes, they will be at home to learn as opposed to going to a brick and mortar building; however, unlike my homeschooling counterparts, I did not have any say in what curriculum I'll be teaching. As in any public school, the curriculum was chosen for me and I have to teach it. That is the main difference. OHVA uses the K12 curriculum. It includes all the subjects taught in school, with the exception of Library and Physical Education. Everything was sent to me and we'll also be given a computer and printer, as well as a monthly stipend towards our Internet access. My girls will still be undergoing all the same tests that their peers in public school will be undertaking as well. I should also mention that all of this is free.

That being said, I'll be attempting to keep a running record of this first year. Will we like it? Will it be a huge flop? Who knows and only time will tell. I had considered starting a new blog specifically for this new adventure in twin parenting, but the thought of maintaining two doesn't really appeal. Besides this new journey will be part of our parenting adventure. With twins. It belongs here on these pages just as much as the tales of their antics and quirks.

I hope you'll continue to read along with us as we explore this uncharted territory. Maybe you've considered teaching your kids at home and want to see a glimpse of what it might look like. Maybe you're already homeschooling and want to compare notes. Or maybe you just want the joy of seeing our daily follies on the computer screen so you can turn to your family and laughingly say, "Manda's got herself in a pickle now."

Whatever your motivation may be, please read on my friends. Stay with us and read on.

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