Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I mean, really.

Just recently my nearly 8 year old twins have started doing an odd thing. Okay, well, they started doing another odd thing. (They take after me you see, so having only a singular oddity would be like saying the moon has one crater. You get my point).

But I digress. When we are out in the public sector, going about our daily lives doing the daily mundane things-like our near daily trip to Super Walmart-they have begun hugging each other at random moments.

I'll be reaching up to get box of rice and turn around to see them mid-embrace.

Checking out the selection of cereals; they're just behind me, hugging it out.

Over in housewares, they're at it again. Hug.

The pharmacy area has a healing dose of the feel-goods too; as I reach for the multivitamin, they're over my shoulder giving one another a side-hug.

Other shoppers have begun to take note of their open signs of affection. I get smiles and nods from those passing by; looks that imply "Awww, you're doing something right there, lady." (Okay, maybe that's not what they're thinking, but I'm going to take it that way.)

And the thing is, I have no idea where all this extra love has come from. It's not as if they've ever been at each other's throats or anything. That is simply not their way. But still. They're together nearly all the time; you would think they'd be just about hugged out at this point.

"Girls, why are you hugging in the store?" I ask them after one such loving embrace. They look at me and smile sweetly.

They look at each other and (I kid you not) seem to have an entire conversation without any words. Incidentally, I am certain that this conversation has to do with how unfortunate their poor mother is that she has to ask her children why they are hugging in the store. As if to say to me,  "I mean, really."

They hold hands and skip off, just ahead of me. Already on to the next area on our list. Moved on. But still together. Close.

I will never understand these two. And that's okay. Completely and utterly okay.

I mean, really.