Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Loved Beyond Limits: Happy Birthday, Girls.

This week holds a very special day for our family; the anniversary of the day we became parents. (Otherwise known as The Girls' Birthday).

They'll be 8 this year and I find myself, as ever and always, both amazed and positively alarmed at how quickly time has passed. What happens upon the birth of a child that suddenly negates all rules of time and space? How can time go at once so incredibly fast, and yet completely slow in other respects?

I just don't get it.

I seem to be viewing this annual celebration in a different light as the Birthday Girls.

They are excited for the honor of turning 8; ready for the upping of that age-identification. Ready to truly be Eight Year Olds. Growing up.

As for me, well, I'm just trying to figure out where exactly the last 7 years have gone. How is it possible that I have the clearest memories of bringing them home; caring for their preemie selves; of being eye dryingly, mind numbingly tired...as if it was just yesterday. Yesterday. Not 7 years ago.

How does that happen, I ask you?

In any event, we will celebrate this year's upping of the age in grand style; A Build A Bear party. There will be friends. There will be family. There will be giggles and fun.

And there will be two newly minted 8 year olds as well.

Happy Birthday, Ash & Cae.
You are both rare and sparkling gems whose beauty and lies both inside and out. Your kind hearts, caring minds, and loving smiles brighten my days and bring such joy to our lives. Thank you for blessing us with your indefinable essences. You are loved beyond measure, adored beyond words, and loved without limits.