Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Without Compare...

Happy or sad.

Smart or dumb.

Pretty or ugly.

Good or bad.

Up or down.

I suppose these groupings are best categorized as being opposites. But on another level, they're also comparisons. Don't you think?  It can be so easy to look at something and quickly assess its worth or quality based on opposites like this. When faced with a choice between this or that, how many of us don't fall back on our ingrained classification system to make the choice? I know I do.

It's scary how easy it can be to do this with the girls. Frightening, really. I know any parent of more than one child can face the impulse to assign a quick comparison onto their children. It's so easy. So quick. And so socially acceptable.

Often I'm asked to compare my girls. People will come up to us in the store and begin asking me, "Which one is smarter? Whose the nicer one? Which one is the good one?" My heart breaks a little at each of these, not because of the words they are using, but because of the words not said: Dumb. Mean. Bad.

How can I possibly answer a question like that? About my children? My precious, amazing, indescribable children?

My response is always this: "They are both amazing kids. Full of personality. Full of talent. Full of beauty. Full of potential. We cannot wait to see what they use all their gifts for in life, and are blessed to have front row seats to the show." End of statement.

I consider my number one job as their mother to be their advocate; their main cheerleader. That's me. I don't have a "favorite", and I don't think one is "better" than the other.

 God made them each exactly perfect.

Caedance. Ashlyn. Each girl is a unique bundle of wonder. Each has her strengths, her weaknesses. Within each resides the potential to do great things in her life, with her life. I can only begin to imagine the successes they'll achieve. The greatness they'll strive for, and the fumbles along the way.

And I'll be right there, cheering each one on. Through the good or the bad, I'll be there. Hands held high, smile on my face, my eyes filled with the beauty of these two creatures who have entered my life and made it purposeful. My heart's song is one of thanks for my girls.

 Exactly as they are.

 No comparisons needed.

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