Monday, March 14, 2011

On being "It"

The girls are on the stairwell waiting. Judging by the sounds of their shuffling feet, I'd wager they're starting to get pretty impatient right about now. Willing me to leave; perhaps attempting to use their twin ESP to mentally coax me away.

But I'm not going anywhere, thank you very much.

Approximately 15 minutes ago I decided to take a breather from being "Mom" and to have a seat on the couch. Trusty laptop in hand, I began the mundane and yet relaxing chore of checking email. It just so happens that my perch here in the living room allows for an uncanny ability to hear whatever is being said in the stairwell and hallway above me. Imagine my surprise when, typing away, I overheard the phrase, "No, we'll have to wait till 'It' leaves to do that."

It? What's that? Who's that? Looking around, I caught the fleeting glimpse of two curly heads ducking away. Oh. I see. Apparently I'M the 'It' in that sentence. I'm not sure when I became an 'It', actually. I was 'Mom' before lunch, still 'Mom' at rest time, and then again at snack. I guess I've been demoted.

More interestingly was the continued conversation that ensued between them, as they were blissfully unaware of my super ears (and the helpful acoustics) that allowed me to hear every single word.

"When she leaves, THEN we'll do it."

"See? She's still there. We can't do it now."

"Hey mom?" (Oh, I'm mom again, am I?) "Could you please go make dinner?"

No. I cannot. Thanks for asking.

"Look at her! She didn't go away yet. We STILL can't do it!!"

"Maybe we shouldn't do it?" (Atta Girl!) "We're not supposed to...but.....if she's not looking..." (Ugh. Foiled again.)

Their conversation volleyed back and forth for several minutes, stopping only to check to see if I was still there. Eventually they figured out that I wasn't leaving. And that revelation then lead to the next epiphany that whatever mischief they were plotting would have to be put on hold. And that maybe their time would be better spent doing something else instead.

They are now safely in the family room. Where I can watch them. Openly.



  1. I wonder what they were planning!? Ever find out, friend?

  2. They wanted to throw their toys through my poor ficus tree. :( Everytime they do this, bits of my poor tree come off. They know they're not allowed to do it; never have been allowed. So now they figure if they wait till I'm not watching, it must be okay.
    You know what they say, "If 'IT'S' not watching, 'IT' won't ever know."