Friday, March 18, 2011

Sharing a little bit of love...

I honestly am not sure what I did before I started blogging. How did I survive day in and day out with nary a venting outlet in sight?

The frustrations!

The joys!

The chaos!

The diaper changes that never, ever ended. One after another after another..etc. etc. etc.

Let it be said that my posts here are a way for me to disseminate the ramblings in my brain; from the mega to the minutiae. It's all there. Or rather, it's all here.

And thank you for reading it. After all, if a rant is made and no one reads it, was it ever really ranted at all?? Hmmm?

The fact that people read my ramblings at all is near and dear to my heart. It truly is. I've been asked if it's okay to share certain posts or to pass on the blog to others, and let me very clearly answer that with a resounding "Absolutely!" and a "Please do." I'd love for this simple page to be shared and shared again, so feel free to share a post or recommend it.  It's out there to be consumed. (I confess to experiencing a moment of sheer child-like joy whenever the "Follower" number goes up on it too).

And another thing....

My purpose in this blog is to share a bit of what I've experienced with our twins; the ups and downs of parenting multiples. Most of the time my posts are a reflection of what I need to write at that moment, or what I want to share; however, if you have any questions you've always wondered about, let me know. I'll try to answer it for you, or spin it into something fanciful. ;)

So there it is. My invitation to you to sit back and enjoy a few rambles today. Or everyday. Thanks for stopping by, I love having you here.


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