Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pass The Salt, Please.

Hold on kids, we're pulling to the side of the road and I'm shutting this ride down; I've been driving myself crazy. Going in circles over something that should not in anyway be anything worth even giving a second thought about. Something so ridiculous that I hesitate to even mention it, but am going to only because my frustration has turned to annoyance over the fact that I ever worried at all.

Four words: Salt and Pepper shakers.

See, I told you. Not a worthy candidate for the Nagging Worry Club, are they? I know it. And yet it's been bothering me just the same.

I've been in the habit of keeping a salt grinder and a pepper mill for our house, enjoying the culinary joy (and ooh-la-la isn't that fancy factor) that is grinding your own spices. Deciding which mill to put what spice in is not hard at all. No worries. I've got it handled.

Recently though, I've taken to finding those cutesy seasonal shakers and quickly falling in love with them. Not as fancy, but they do carry a "Look at how coordinated she is!" factor to them, which I like. Yet each time I get a new set, I am faced with the same indecision: which spice goes into the shaker with more holes?

As I pondered this, salt ready to pour, I realized that I really didn't KNOW which one went where. Salt comes out faster, does it go with fewer holes? But those fewer holes look bigger than the shaker with more holes, so should the pepper go in there? Which one is right??? I ended up Googling for the answer.

This is where my frustration came in: Why can't I just put the salt in whichever shaker I want? Why am I obsessed with the idea that there is a right and a wrong answer here? At which point did I become such a fastidious follower of rules that I felt the need to get the correct practice for table spices? A low point, really.

It was a wake up call for me and I've created a new rule for myself: I shall not worry about stupid things that don't matter. There. We'll see how that works. From now on, I'm putting the salt wherever I want to put it and no one will stop me. I may even mix things up and put salt in BOTH shakers just to watch the confusion spread with a knowing smile on my face.

Watch out, world. You tried to hold me down, but I'm back.

(Incidentally and in case I've piqued your curiosity, there is no true answer to the shaker debate. Many have asked, some have answered. It depends on your preference of Flow over Flavor.)

That being said, please pass the salt.

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