Thursday, March 3, 2011

Motherhood: The Wild Wild Frontier

Motherhood is so many things, but "Dull" is certainly not on the list.
Some days (well, most days really) I marvel at how very little I can predict what my two will do. Feeding off one another, there is always something afoot around our house.

Whether it's Ashlyn tossing armloads of her favorite (large) stuffed animals into the filled bathtub so they can take a bubble bath with her, or Caedance tossing in all the cat toys she could round up just so Ashlyn's bathing stuffed cats could have toys to play with too; we never really can anticipate just what they're planning "next".

Today Caedance is hauling around 10 hardcover books. Her treasures. These are her "choices" today, which means she must have them wherever she goes. It may not seem like a burden, but let me tell you that when you are 10 minutes late and needing to get out the door, having to wait for a little girl who must put each book (each of 10!) in the correct order (did you KNOW there was a correct order? Because I did not) is a true lesson in Patience and Calm. So far today, other than being a bit delayed this morning, Caedance's Book Bonanza hasn't really hurt us too much. And she's doing a fine job keeping them in the order they "Must" be in at all times. Impressive.

Still channeling her heroine Ruby (of Max & Ruby fame), Ashlyn, on the other hand, is spending her day eating fruit and lettuce. Declaring herself more like the bunny Ruby than the little girl Ashlyn, she's eaten her way through a handful of blueberries, one banana, a small apple, and a bowlful of romaine. Because this is what rabbits do, I've been informed. They sit and eat "rawfage" (roughage).

At the moment they are watching some episodes of Max & Ruby, acting out various scenes and switching off and on between who will be Max and who will be Ruby. There is no prize role; both are equally esteemed for such experienced and acclaimed actresses. So I listen. And I learn. And what I hear fills my heart with some of that calm that I was lacking this morning while Caedance the Librarian catalogued her inventory. These two are truly best friends; truly accepting of each other just as they are; completely open and wearing their very selves on their sleeves.

And I don't want it any other way.

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