Monday, February 7, 2011


We've been invaded by sinus issues here at our house. Dan and I are managing to hold our own against the constant, throbbing headaches and congestion. My personal mantra is, as ever was, "I will not let snot beat me. No.No. Not snot. Snot will not win and make me feel like crap again." Admittedly it's on the long side for a mantra, but it kinda works to the tune of Jingle Bells, so I think it's a keeper.

But I digress. Dan and I may be doing well, but the girls are struggling with it. This Season Of Gooey Noses makes for changes and challenges around our house.
First off, it means that the Kleenex boxes have multiplied and are cozied onto every nook and into each cranny I can find. (My placement strategy pretty much mirrors the movements of the girls: I walk around in a circle with my eyes closed until I bump into something. When I open my eyes and look around, I should be able to easily reach a box of tissues from where I am. If not, get one there, pronto.) 

It also means that I have to up the laundry duty, because if the girls DON'T get a tissue, they use their sleeve. Again and again and again.

During Seasons Of Sniffles there is the unwelcome noise of "Sniff" everywhere I turn. In the house. In the car. In the store. It matters not where I am, I will be immersed in the cacophony of "Sniff-Sniff-SNNNNNIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFF". Really, it's enough to drive a girl crazy.

And of course the nose wiping. The ever constant wiping of noses that do not belong to me. My pockets and purse
run-eth over with large wads of tissues. I must be prepared in any situation, at any time, for Wiping Duty, because it would seem that the average 6 year old does not care about having mass quantities of snot hanging out of their nose at all. They have the uncanny ability to perform many tasks while balancing that gunk on their upper lip, and are completely unfazed by it. I on the other hand, tend to get disgusted. So I wipe.

Oh, Season Of Sniffles, Season of Goo. I cannot wait until you turn into Spring, at which point you will morph into the Season of Allergies. I'll have something else to write about then, indeed. But for now, you mock me with your duration and your tenacity to hold fort even when you are not welcome....

(Ahh,it appears my services are needed elsewhere).

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