Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Journey

The girls in school; there's a lot I can say about that. Some good things, perhaps some not-so-good. "3 Pluses & A Wish", I would call it, using a term from my days at the helm of a classroom. (My "Teacher Words", which I sometimes dust off and use for practice).

This first year has brought with it challenges that were expected, and a slew of others that attacked us on the sly, sneaking up behind us and grabbing our attention.

My biggest challenge during this process of learning to let them be the learners has been this:
I have to let this journey be their journey.

It's not for me. I may be along for the ride, a watchful, helpful observer, but it's still their path to take. I'm grateful that they have each other and are not alone. I'm also grateful for the privilege of having a front row seat to the show. Everyday.

But this is for them to do. They've made progress; heaps of it. They've taken struggles and turned them into absolute smashing successes. The best compliment I've ever gotten has been to hear their teacher say that they are both different kids now. Different students. Unrecognizable from September. Improving and progressing beyond expectations. That compliment is for them, but I warm with it. I glow.

My children.

My improving, progressing, successful children.

I'll stand back and watch them. I'll enjoy this process of learning and exploration that they're going through.

And above all, I'll let this journey be their journey.

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