Monday, February 7, 2011

From The Mind Of 6 Year Olds.

My hubby is on an interview of sorts, giving me the privilege of an evening alone with my girls. Just us three. So far tonight they've been very chatty, sharing with me every minute detail they could think of, and firing them off at an impressive speed.

In one particular 15 minute span, I learned the following:

1. Ashlyn loves me, her daddy, & her grandparents. In that order. (She repeated it several times to drive the point home.

2. Apparently tonight (Monday), is Chase Anna-Cat & Zoe-Cat Night, (per Caedance). In fact, ALL "School nights" are designated Chase Anna & Zoe Cat. Sorry, cats.

3. Likewise, non-school nights are Chase Suki-Cat night, and should be both looked forward to and enjoyed when they occur. (According to Caedance).

4. The list of "All Time Favorite Bedrooms" is: The Budoir of Ashlyn & Caedance, Our bedroom, Grandma Peggy's Bedroom, and (last but not least), Grandma Leenie's bedroom.

5. Ashlyn's "Special-Good-Friend" at school is a boy named Tighe. He, it appears, likes her because she is Star Student; she likes him because she's Star Student. Such a matched pair! However, since her status as Star Student will only last for this week, I do have some concerns about the lasting power of this relationship.

6. If you have a cold, you are "Feeling Down And Out And Blue" and should spend a large proportion of time (at the dinner table as well), "Dozing & Drowsing".

7. Someone made up all the things in the world. (I thought that was a deep one, myself.)

8. School is a place to learn about All The Things In The World. (So true).

9. Cats have a winter coat.

10. Cats have whiskers.

11. Bunnies are most certainly NOT cats. (And perhaps are the poorer for it).

12. Dessert is the meal that comes after dinner, but both girls think we should also have "Lunch Dessert" every day as well. (I'm supposed to look into that and maybe add it to the daily schedule).

13. Being "Star Student" apparently makes for a "Best Of All Days" and,

14. it would seem, "The Most Un-nice Of All Days".

The list is going on, even as I type this. My brain hurts. I'm exhausted trying to follow the dichotomy that is "The Mind Of A 6 Year Old. Times 2".

"Mommy. I still love you."
(Smile). Thanks, gals.

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