Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Great Growly Monster of "Shush"

I was "Shushed" yesterday. Really and truly and actually told to "shhhhh". By my own offspring.

I was mid sentence when the moment occurred. Midway through a direction when it happened. "And then I need you to-" SSHHHH!! (Whaaa?)

Such betrayal. There was a flash of anger. A twinge of hurt. And a broad stripe of annoyance. "Did you just shush me?" I asked my precious darling little angels.

"Mommy, it was time for you to be quiet just then."

"Oh was it?" (Was it really? Because I don't think so.)

Shuffling the Emotion cards in my deck of Feelings, I pulled out the Parent face. With great patience (love and understanding were thrown in there somewhere too), I explained that one of the many benefits of being a parent is that we can't truly be "Shushed".

Well, not yet anyway. Sure, the day is coming, but I think Dan and I still have a few "Get Out Of Shushing Free" cards left from enduring the crazy that was their infancy and toddler-hoods....We've saved them up. Simple put:for now, no shushing.

My cherubs smiled at me and the rest of the day passed in polite, complimentary bliss.

But the fact remains; I've been shushed.

And so it begins.

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