Thursday, February 10, 2011

Full Circle

I was just looking ahead on our school calendar and saw that Kindergarten Registration is coming up. In fact, there is a meeting for incoming parents on February 22nd.

Seeing that was a mile marker of sorts for me.

This time last year we were coming up on that very meeting. My blogs were filled with dread at the thought of my babies (my babies!) going to school. Filled with unease and uncertainty; plagued with worry.

In the darkest hours of my nights, when I had too much time to think about how fast time is passing us all by, I set February 2011 as milestone. "Just think", I told myself, "this time next year the girls will be nearly done with Kindergarten. This first year will be nearly drawn to a close. 365 days from now you'll have answers to all these "What Ifs" and "Hows" that daunt you now. Just think..."

And here we are. Just like that.

It's amazing how quickly we've come to this point. I'm glad for the experiences I've had as a First Time Parent of Schoolagers. But I won't be sad to see this school year draw to a close. Not sad at all.

Up ahead lie new challenges and goals; new adventures to discover. And the path behind has been traveled and traveled well at that, I would say. Memories made. Lessons learned. Grace. Patience. Trust. Faith.


I'm thankful for the journey that has brought us here. And eager for the path still foggy ahead.

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