Sunday, February 20, 2011


All children have changing interests and hobbies; things they like now but may not like so much later and are put away, only to be loved again later (so you better not have thrown it away). And you never really know what they'll pull from, what will interest them, or to what extent they'll let it carry them.

At our house the girls seem to be on a constantly rotating schedule of these interests, these Weekly Obsessions, if you will. While something is dear to them everything in our life must include it: movies and books (obviously), but also the meals we eat and the clothes they wear. It all has to include the theme of the moment. Then like a deck of cards, it will be be shuffled and a new theme revealed. We run the gamut of possible themes, from popular characters (Strawberry Shortcake! My Little Pony! Care Bears!) to representatives from reality (Mice! Cats! Trees!).

And recently, Bees.

This has been a first showing for the Bee Obsession; so I find myself fumbling my way through linking it to every single item in our daily routine. They've watched Bee Movie 147 times. They've read and re-read all manner of books on those busy little bees in their buzzing little hives. I've served countless dinners with renamed menu items like  "Bumble Beef with pollen potatoes and buzzing broccoli". And their play has been filled with shouts of "Quick! Let's get the nectar!" and "Watch out for rolled up Italian Vogue magazine! Buzz away!"

And today they've both announced that they are Pollen Jocks. Both of them. Bees on a mission for pollen collection; flitting from cushion to cushion, gathering the nectar and spreading pollen.

This may be our most educational Weekly Obsession, I must confess. I'm learning more about those little winged furies than I ever thought I would know. And speaking as a member of the I'm Deathly Allergic To The Venom In Their Little Stupid Stingers Club, I have to say that I kinda like envisioning bee society in the way Bee Movie depicts it. It's nice to think that they are just out there, buzzing away, collecting nectar and spreading pollen, because quite frankly it seems that all the little buggers do is see someone who is allergic to them and attack.

I have to wonder how long this shuffle of the deck will last. Maybe we'll be eating Pollen Jock hamburgers with honeycomb fries tomorrow, or we may be back to Grumpy Bear Ham with Cheer Bear cheesy potatoes. Who really knows?

Not I.

But I like it that way. And when these days of Make Pretend pass, I know I'll be sad. And I have to wonder if they'll let me make Cherilee Chicken and Rainbow Dash pie for old time's sake. Or if they'll think their mommy has gone mad?

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