Friday, January 14, 2011

Will you have another baby with that?

"Are you going to have more kids?"

I get this question a lot. I don't know why people want to know if we plan on reproducing more offspring. I suspect that it's either out of polite "golly I don't know what else to talk about but since you're a woman in her reproductive years this could be a topic" conversation, or just an odd fascination and curiosity with the whole thing. I'm not sure.

The question comes to me politely enough. Most women (and the occasional man, which is weird in a way) will say, "So. You have twins. How nice! Are you going to have any more?" There is, however rare, the other faction who will phrase it less as a question and more as a statement; nonchalantly and as if it's expected. "You'll be having more children.(?)" This makes me think of the polite hostess leaning over your empty cup, teapot in hand, spout tipped and ready to pour into your cup. "You'll be having more tea?" It isn't really a question, is it? She's there with the pot. Your cup is empty. You'll be having more. They'll see to it.

The response always ready at the tip of tongue is "No". (For those polite "hostesses", I feel inclined to say "No, thank you. I'm good.")

It's not that we don't love being parents; we do. Nor is it that I don't cherish being a mother; I most certainly do. It's just that "Dickinson,Family of Four" has an enchanted ring to it at this stage in our lives. Right now.

I will say that I loved being pregnant. I loved the entire process that carried me from that first pee-stick-positive-test all the way to sleepless nights spent with squalling twinfants. (Even though that pregnancy was fraught with a squajillion complications). I loved that. A lot.

But I'm content right now. Family of Four.

And when people ask me if (or WHEN) more are coming down the pike, I can smile and say "We're happy. This is us right now. It's good."

And it's true.

All good.

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