Saturday, January 29, 2011

Building a Better Bug...

We had a "First" for us today.

 A First School Project.

The assignment (which we chose to accept) was to create a "Litter Bug" for the school science fair. It had to be made out of recyclable materials (think bottles, jars, boxes, and let your mind roam in the trash), and be able to be hung up for display.

Being the eager beaver that I am, I began hoarding a stash of trash in the laundry room several weeks ago. Bottles, cans, boxes, straws, K-Cups: all were cleaned out and put aside to serve as Potential Bug Making Gear.

I've watched my stash pile grow to alarming and unstable heights until this weekend, when I could take it no more. It was time to reclaim my dryer. It was time to make the darn bugs.

We gathered the girls to the table and I unceremoniously dumped the trash in the middle. They were instructed to choose the body and we'd work from there.
Ashlyn chose an empty bread crumb can with a plastic lid while Caedance went for the empty milk carton. We then had the girls draw and color a picture of what they wanted their bugs to look like.

We had our plan. Ashlyn's would be a caterpillar; green with rainbow stripes and funky legs. Caedance would have a Ladybug, complete with a baby lady bug flying nearby.

Dan and I were surprised that, (another First), they did most of the work on their own. They traced, cut, glued, thought of the next step in construction. And..even more surprising..the kids have good ideas. I mean, really, they had actual coherent ideas that were helpful and not ridiculous.

In the end, we had two fabulous bugs and a smaller heap of trash to take out. They had fun creating them, and Dan and I had fun watching and guiding in the process.

And my laundry room is a trash free zone again. And I like that. A lot.


  1. Too cute! They did a great job!

  2. Thank you, Andrea. :) We were quite pleased with it. I hope we get them back so they can be hung up in their room..they are so proud of their "Special Work". :)