Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just like him.

"Mommy, when I grow up to be a daddy, I'll shave my beard too". Says my 6 year old daughter to me one day.

We'd had "The Talk" before; the one where I explained the anatomical differences between a boy and a girl. And yes, my twins were the ones who, at their well visits when the doctor checked their nether-regions, exclaimed, "Oh my, the doctor's looking at my vagina! Ha-ha! My vagina indeed!"

So I'm not sure where this question came from. (And I certainly hope that she won't have a beard to shave).

Does she think that the parts switch or change? No, I'm not going to go into the "surgeries" that one might have to change parts. We're keeping thing au naturale at our house for the time being.

Then it occurred to me to look at the daughter asking the question. Caedance. Also known as Daddy's Girl. This is the child who will run to get a screwdriver so she can "help" Dan whenever he may be doing manly fixes around the house. Tool in hand, she'll squat down next to him and say, "What are we looking at here, Dad?"; her face a model of serious contemplation, brow furrowed and ready to come up with the best fix.

This little girl will fling herself to Dan from heights unknown, just to be near him. At any time. At any place. Without question.

Daddy's Girl.

Watching him shave. Watching him style his hair. Watching him put on the vestments of "Fatherhood" in her presence, then bend down to gather her up in his protective arms for a cologne-scented embrace. It is comfort to her, being in the hug of that wonderful man.

Why wouldn't she want to grow up to be just like him? To bring some of what he brings to her to the family she'll one day create? At these thoughts, my heart melted a bit.

Sure, I still reminded her that she'll grow up to be a Mommy, but knowing where her feelings are coming from makes it all the more precious to hear her words.

I want to be just like my daddy.
(A very good goal indeed)

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