Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Day Off.

Yesterday was an unexpectedly blissful day.

I so like it when those pop up, don't you?

A day that started out with an impromptu family breakfast and then morphed seamlessly into a Dinner & Movie & Night Off for Dan and I.

Who couldn't love that?

Dan's mom took the girls with her on an adventure shopping. This is something which they joyfully like to do, so long as they spend at least 10 minutes in a dressing room, hopping off the benches while watching themselves in the mirrors.

You read that right. My twin 6 year old ladies actually Like to roam the stores for a nearly endless amount of time, looking at clothes for others. AND they love waiting while others try things on.
Awesome. Rare. Really cool.

They then joined the raucous crowds at The Winking Lizard, and added their high pitched voices to the low, rumble-y ones in the cacophony of noise cheering for The Big Game. (There is almost always a "Big Game", isn't there? Is every game Big?)

Dan and I took our departure from the norm as a time to see a movie (The King's Speech) and have dinner (Pizza; cause we're cool like that), and then have a Dexter Marathon at home.

Perhaps not up to par with another's grand plans of Evening Freedom. But it was an unexpected break from our "norm". And welcome.

Most, most welcome.


And today I miss my girls. My ladies. My little loves.
I'm refreshed and ready to greet them; those shopping savvy doves.

And begin all over again.

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