Monday, January 17, 2011

A Visit From Captain Obvious

It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


There are many ways I know this:

The calendar tells me so. (See, right there. Martin Luther King Day).

My girls are home from school today because of it. (I even got to make them breakfast this morning, giving them a break from Pop Tarts).

My husband is off of work (Keybank) because of it. (And look at all the little home projects he's been able to get through).

We're able to do errands as a family because of it.(Always a pleasure to have another set of eyes to keep the kiddos corralled). 

And yet.....

Does this stop me from going to the bank and trying to open the door (while looking straight at the closed sign?)


Nor does it stop me from venturing out to the mailbox, opening it up, and frowning when I see there is no mail there today.

Hello, Captain Obvious.

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