Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My daughter prayed for me tonight.

Well, sort of.

We were playing a game of "Think of Something You're Thankful For". There are no rules of play for this little gem; just sit and think of things you're thankful for and then name them. We get the usual suspects of "Our House" and "Our Food" and "Our Pets" often enough, so tonight I imposed one simple guideline: Pick something different.

I was curious to see what they would come up with. On their own. Left to their own unusual devices.

Caedance impressed me by commenting that she's thankful for her twin. (A heartwarming thing for me to hear, making me proud of the very small part I played in that egg-splitting bit of wonder). She's also thankful for nail polish, wood floors, and herbs. (Herbs in general I would guess since I couldn't get her to pin down any specific herb that tickled her fancy). An interesting list, but she's a graciously unusal child.

Ashlyn, on the other hand, informed me that she was thankful for our family because we love "are-chother". (You're right if you guessed that to be kid-speak for 'each other'). I asked her if she wanted to send out a 'Thanks' to Jesus for the blessing of our family. She did. I sat back, in prayer mode, waiting for her to begin.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for our family, and that we love 'are-chother' so much.
And thank you for Mommy 'cause she makes us dinner at night, and even
when it's not my favorite but I eat it anyways. 'Cause if I don't eat it, Jesus,
I don't get dessert and mommy's desserts always are good.

Well there it is then.
I'll take that.
(Although, in my defense, I only make Good Dinners).

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