Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100th Entry of Fun

This is my 100th post.

100 assorted rants, questions, joys, and sorrows. Worries and praises. Happy and sad. All summed up with 100 little entries in this "Dear Public Domain" diary of mine.

Since 100 of almost anything usually calls for a special mention, I decided to take a moment to reflect; even if no one else thinks it's too much of a milestone.

I started this whole Spilling Of the Guts venture before the girls started school. It was an opportunity for me to think through what had become a very unsettled and worrisome time in my life. Looking back, it's clear to see that I did not eagerly await the first tolling of the school bell for my girls. I dreaded it with a passion that made me feel completely opposite of every other first time school-parent I knew. It felt lonely out there, on the plateau of Not Wanting To Let Go. Writing gave me an opportunity to think through what I was feeling and gain some perspective on it.

It still does.

So much has happened since the girls have started this school journey. Good things. Not so good things. It's been a learning experience (both literally and figuratively) for the girls and for Dan and I.

Of course, the 100 entries are not dedicated to school alone. There were also times of insanity (kids pulling off freckles!), assorted weirdness (kids sleeping with bake ware!), and excitement (kids saying just the darnedest things!), all dutifully chronicled for any who care to see. At times, it's also been a form of a soap box for me to shout from: dressing the girls alike (yes, indeed I do), and being okay with 2 kids (although I appreciate that so many others want us to make more). Even culinary highs and sad lows have made it into these pages.

The best part? I've got a lot more to write. L-I-F-E is fodder for the most fanciful tales of passion and woe, and I celebrate each moment that will find me just like this, clacking out the words that fill my present. My memories.

So here's looking back at 99 past entries of assorted Odds & Ends; giving a little "Hooray! for a 100th entry to put things into perspective; and thinking ahead to future things yet unknown.

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