Friday, April 1, 2011

The Freckle: Part II

And now for the continuation of The Freckle...

As you may recall, the previously 'befreckled' Ashlyn opted to perform an act of self-surgery last week, partially removing the freckle on her cheek.  Due to the fact that said freckle had been undergoing some recent changes, our pediatrician agreed it should probably come the rest of the way off. Done by a professional this time. He referred us to a plastic surgeon.

There is something very "modern" about taking a 6 year old to a plastic surgeon. I know there's a lot of reasons kids go, but I naturally associate plastic surgeons with tummy tucks, nose jobs, and liposuction. "Hi there. I'm here to have my child's nose done. Maybe we can make it just a touch perkier then? Can we pull her brows back at all? She's starting to look a little tired..." Hey, you know someone somewhere is thinking it.

The girls were thrilled beyond belief to be there. They love all things medical and were anxious to see any doctoring paraphernalia that might be on exhibit. In the consultation room, they got very chatty with the doctor and his PA.

Ashlyn informed them that we were there to check out her freckle. "You can take if off now, Doctor, because I know that my freckle is not what makes me Ashlyn. I am Ashlyn in my head, not in my freckle. So, it's okay if you take it off." He smiled and said, "Well, thank you for that." She then continued on with, "I tried to take it off, but as you can see, I didn't do a really great job. I'll bet you can do better, anyway." He stared.

Caedance piped in with this gem: "So, are you a gynecologist, then?" This earned me a few surprised looks. The doctor then looked at her and asked how she knew about gynecologists. She shot him a look of incredulity before saying, "Sir, I am a lady. Ladies have a uterus and that means I'll have to go to a gynecologist." With this last, she scrutinized him with a squished up face, as if trying to determine what merit he could possibly have as a doctor when he clearly didn't know about gynecologists.

The appointment itself went well.

Much to their collective dismay, no scalpels, tweezers, or needles were taken out.

We have another appointment in a month to allow time for some of the redness on her cheek to die down a bit. We'll schedule a removal surgery after that.

Ashlyn is raring to go; ready for her shining moment as "Patient".

They've already begun to plot the adventures they'll have playing tricks on everyone when Ashlyn's freckle is gone.

"Mommy, no one will really know which one we are! We can play tricks."

"So true, my loves. So true." (Some might argue that's a right of passage for identical twins).

"Do you think we'll be able to fool you mommy?"

Hmmmmm.....let's see..(Ashlyn. Caedance. Ashlyn. Caedance. Ashlyn...? Caedance...?)

You know what? Probably.


  1. Oh my, and I thought I had my hands full! :o) That is hilarious...thanks for the laugh! I would have loved to have seen the Dr.'s face!

  2. Don't kids just say the darndest things? As much as it can be embarassing, it can also be extremely entertaining. Always an adventure when you're out with the minions. :)