Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Night Before First Grade

A little diddy, in honor of our new adventure with Ohio Virutal Academy.

'Twas the night before First Grade
and all through our house,
everyone was sleeping,
but not Genie, our pet mouse.

Our school things were put
on the shelving with care,
awaiting the morning,
which soon would be there.

The children were 'snuntered',
all snug in their beds,
while visions of Tinkerbell erasers
danced in their heads.

And I in my "Teach's Cap",
and OCD on my brain,
had finalized my lesson plans,
and felt much less insane.

When out on the roof
there arose such a clatter!
Wait. No, it was just one of the roofer's
leftover ladders.
It fell from a peak
to the sidewalk below,
narrowling missing the shingles,
and avoiding a row.

Both of the PCs on small tables
with tiny chairs pushed in
gave the lustre of "An Office"
and of working there-in.

But wait!
What to my wondering
eyes should appear
but a blue screen of death...
the thing all techies most fear.

More rapid than a junky's,
my heart how it raced.
 And I whistled and  shouted,
as 'round the room I did pace.
"Now how could this be?
Now what shall I do?
Stupid computers!
What's the matter with you??
My daughters start school
and I need you to teach.
Without your help, we're
left in a true breach.

And as odd thoughts that before
a wild dream comes to an end,
as the chemicals of waking
cause conciousness to begin;
up to my brain the Seratonin, it flew,
I awoke with a shudder and in an instant, I knew.

The blue screen of death
was no phantom, or haint.
It was a meaningless dream!
Oh! Thank you, sweet Saints.

As I cleared out my head,
and was turning around,
my alarm clock rang off,
with the usual, unnerving sound.

Still fresh from my nightmare,
I meandered downstairs.
I turned on the computers and
at the screens I did stare.

No blue screens awaited me!
No message of doom!
Just familiar homepage,
so I danced a jig 'round the room.

Let the school day begin!
Let this new year start.
Our courses are ready...
I've even made a chart.

The crayons, how new
and how perfectly tipped.
The pencils so sharp,
and by two girls, hand picked.

And with cupboards full of materials,
and books filled with such knowledge,
We'll get this thing started,
and pray "Scholarship" for college.

But before I call
those two ladies to wake,
another look around the room
I quickly must take.

We're ready to go.
And now I shall say,
Happy "Day One" to all!
(And let's rock out First Grade.)

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