Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The New Mattress Arrives Today.

Today is an exciting day in the life of this Twin Mommy. Several weeks ago, on the very verge of emotional collapse after the 4 hundredth "sleepless night and stiff back in the morning" in a row, my husband and I decided it was time to bid adieu to our current mattress.

Knowing the two of us and our slightly anal-retentive ways, we could have spent hours pouring over Internet sites, checking reviews, and looking through consumer ratings before actually making the final choice. Then we could spend some days hemming and hawing over the intricacies of this one versus that one; maddenly splitting the proverbial hair. From start to finish, the process could very well have taken over a week just to decide.

We had the decision down in under an hour. It was either a sure sign of direction, or a foray into the world of foolishness. The line between the two can blur quite convincingly, after all. We ended up heeding the word of Ms. Lindsay Wagner and choosing a Sleep Number bed. We were able to check them out at a store and were happily convinced that it might just be the answer for our own sad vertebrae woes.

It arrives today.

I'm hopeful we are going to be happy with it. Hopeful that it feels the same as it did in the store. And sheepishly hopeful that it doesn't spring a leak and deflate on us one day, much like I used to fear feeling seasick on a water bed, or just plain drowning on that queen-sized mini-ocean before I could send up the flare.

For now this will have to be an open-ended post. I'm excited about the arrival of the bed, but unsure how it will be. I'll post back later when I can make heads or tails of this possibly crazy choice we've made.

Until then, may you be happy and slumber coil free.....

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