Saturday, May 7, 2011

They Call Her Mom.

Thinking, "Mom".

Being a mother means learning to think in terms of "Others" rather than "Myself".

It means baking the chocolate cupcakes when I'd much rather have the vanilla ones
   (because 2 happy smiles make up for any frowns I may make. Come to  think of it,
    it's all good diet sense anyways, right?)

As a mother, my first thoughts are for them.
    are they safe?
     are they happy?
     do they feel loved?

Motherhood means wearing my heart on my sleeve
   (and wanting to put bubble wrap on it. And duct tape. And a big sign that says, "CAREFUL!  My heart is
     here. Don't bump it. Don't hurt it. Don't even look at it crossed eyed. Or I'll claw your eyes out."

In fact, motherhood has taught me that I probably do have it within myself to seriously hurt someone who harmed or even attempted to harm my children. Oh yeah. I think so.

Being a mom has opened my eyes to a world I used to know. It's brought back the magic of a lightening bug. The simple thrill of a pinwheel blowing in the wind. The wonder of a rainbow.

In being a mother, I'm remembering to be thankful (oh-so-thankful) for every blessing.

Each. And. Every. One.

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