Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks to the meandering grapevine of "she-told-him-and-he-told-me", I've recently come across the site Multiples & More. It would figure that my twins are rounding the corner to 7 and I just found this site, which is like a round table meeting for all things multiple. When I think of all the crazy insanity we went through back in the day, when my girls were clearly "the only twins to ever do this"......(insert sigh here).

But better late than never, right?

Anyway. On this site, they posted a very important question. One that justifies spending chunks of time on it, sipping coffee, eating a pastry; deep in thought. The question? "What would you say to an 18 year old you?"

Ah, yes. My 18 year old self. I remember her. Vaguely. But what would I say to her? Would she listen to me? (Doubtful).  Maybe it would go something like this:

Dear 18 year old self, (yes, I know that's impersonal, but since I was completely clueless about life, I doubt I'll mind or take offense).

It's me, you're 32 year old, much wiser self. I'm sitting here in the futuristic world (ha-ha-ha) of 2011, thinking back on you. I know you're busy right now. You've just finished up your first year of college and have pretty much decided that you know absolutely everything about everything. First of all, I am very pleased to announce that you will eventually lose that cocky attitude, where by making your relationships with your fellow human beings easier, for everyone involved. So you can look forward to that, you're welcome very much.

I also need to tell you something that will take you a small portion of forever to understand and truly take to heart. Life can turn out much differently than you've planned it; and that is okay. Actually, it's beyond okay. In fact, it makes "okay" look like the dumpiest day you can imagine. I know you've got plans, and they're all great. They are. I know you want to go out and conquer the whole world, and no one is going to stop you.

But plans change, don't they?

You'll have your opportunity to teach, dear Young Self, and you'll be happy with it. But then something magical will happen. I don't want to give anything away, (I know how much you still hate people spoiling endings), so I'll just give you a hint. It involves an egg splitting and you becoming a Stay At Home Mom.

What's that you say, Young Self? That gave it away? Well, you'll have to get over that down the line anyway, so you can start now.

Indeed, you'll have twin girls. From the moment you find out about them, they will change your world completely. There will be struggles, but in the end, you and Dan will manage just fine. And you'll choose to stay home with them. I know, I know, you can't picture yourself doing that. You're too "on fire" for your future career as you read this. I remember.

But like I said, plans can change.

You know what the most amazing part of the whole career switch will be for you? (And it is a switch in careers, Self. Make no mistake, this is still "work"). You won't mind it. Not one bit. Oh sure, you'll wonder how you'll ever get used to it, but the instant you lay eyes on those two fuzzy heads, it will be the easiest decision you've ever made. Every day will be all sorts of chaos and crazy, but you'll love every single second of it.

Well, gee. I can't spend all day sending you crib notes to your future, can I? Gotta leave some surprises for you to find on your own, after all. You'll do fine, Young Self. You will. Your plans are great. But the layout that actually takes place? Well, that's even better.

Lots Of Love,
(And yes, acne really DOES clear up).

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