Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So Long Summer

Summer is riding off in the distance, waving farewell and whistling a tune as it trots merrily away.

Fall is gunning right for us, wearing all the vestments of Autumn as it charges our way: School. Shorter Days. Comfort Food. Foliage. Bonfires.

While I'm sad to see Summer receding into the distance, I think I'm ready for the changes of Fall. I've written about this before; I love Fall. (I do. I can't help it. I've tried to be a Spring girl......or even a Summer girl....but I keep getting hooked on Fall's gloriousness.) It could possibly be because I have a very short attention span which is generally soothed by the constantly changing environment of Fall: Colors! Wind! Cold! Hot! SNOW! (yes, I said it), Bare Trees! Sunshine! Gray Clouds!......possible all in one day, in our neck of the woods, thank you very much.

This Summer has been an adventure of many newthings for us this year. Caedance got an expander and has endured (quite marvelously and bravely) the nightly "Clicking" to widen it. This child has not uttered one negative word on the topic of her sore mouth. "Mother, I feel it working!" she will exclaim in the morning. Or "I do feel it, but that doesn't have to ruin my day." I seriously need to learn from her how to deal with life's unexpected donations--the ones I don't want very much. Her attitude is undefeatable.

The girls took swimming lessons. And succeeded. These were the children you heard screaming in the pool of the hotel. They were the ones clawing up the parents' necks when dipped in water at the water parks. At the age of 6. We held off until they were 7 to take swimming lessons, and then begged them to Please Please Please Get In The Water With Your Instructor And Please Don't Scream Please Please Please You Have To Learn This Please.
They got in the water. For all 6 lessons. And by George, they learned to paddle about. No screaming. No clawing. Just learning. Huge sigh of relief there.

Both girls have gained a large amount of Independence this summer too. Loosening the connection between them and venturing out in differing ways. They slept in different rooms for the first time ever. And didn't wake up crying. They spent time with one parent or grandparent without the other. And even managed to have fun without the other. Don't get me wrong, these two are still closer than close, but it's nice to see their individuality peeking through.

And so here I am, setting up lesson plans and getting everything ready for 2nd grade. Another school year is set to begin and I think we are each excited about it in our own way. Ready to get back to the routines that offer consistency and meaning.

So long, Summer. You've been great. See ya next year.

Hello, Fall. Welcome back. Let's do this thing.

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