Monday, February 6, 2012

Same or Different?

Despite being 7 years old, neither of the girls is really that into the whole clothing thing. I'm not complaining, mind you. I've seen what awaits us out there.

Shoe Horses
Sock Hoarders. (gasp!)

I am quite content with life in my little world of "I Still Pick Out All My Kids' Clothing Because If I Didn't, They'd Happily Wear A Potato Sack."

I am, however, hoping to teach them the independent art of choosing their own clothes everyday. And since they'd gladly spend their days shuffling about in pajama pants, I guide this daily procedure carefully.

"Girls, what would you like to wear today?"

"Pajamas!" (of course)

"Yes, okay. I know that. But we might go out somewhere later and wearing pajamas isn't the best choice for that. What else might you like to wear?"

Silent stares. (Pajamas or nothing).

"Let's start with this: Do you want to dress the same today or do you want to look different from each other?"

"The same!" they both cry out with glee.

"You want to look the same?" I ask, just to double check, even though quite frankly this is their daily response.

"Of course we do, Mom," they say with a hardy dose of Eye Rolling.

I won't lie. I like this. I like that they choose to dress the same right now.  But I want to know why. I know why I like them dressed alike, but why do they choose it?

"Why do you want to dress the same today, loves?"

"Because we love are-chother (each other) mom."

A statement, made as if it were the most obvious thing in the whole world. They love each other; therefore, they want to dress alike as a outward profession of that feeling.

They love each other. And they want everyone to see that.

I like that reasoning. Simple and to the point.

They love each other.


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