Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Littlest Author

Caedance spent all evening frantically writing one story after another, her pencil scrawling across the lines, ceasing only in her mad dash to be the illustrator of the tales from her mind.

To say that this child likes to write would be like saying Niagara Falls is just a waterfall. It describes it, yes, but inadequately at best.

I think Caedance needs to write. Her mind is constantly tangled with characters and plots; a wicked brew of scheming creations twisting around up there, waiting to be put on paper and set free.

I think writing is her best form of communication. Pencil in hand, this child owns her language and her conversation. She is in control when she's wielding the implement and smoothing out the paper.

Every child has their purpose; the drive that will mold them into their future. Caedance must write. She will write. Sure, she's presently published under the Dickinson Staple & Tape label; but one day......oh, one day......what other places will print her name?

Do you want to know why this copious amount of writing is such a miracle around here? Just a matter of months ago, this is the child who could barely hold a pencil. This is the one who had such a disinterest in writing. Who cried when asked to complete a worksheet because it hurt her hand.

And she's writing.

"Mom! Quick, I need to write a book!" she calls out, making her mad dash to the table, digging through her pencil box to retrieve her pencil; settling herself in her chair, and getting ready to pour forth her next tale.

Let the writing begin. This child who not so very long ago was bested by this particular form of communication now has an awful lot to say.

And I for one cannot wait to read it. All of it.

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