Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When They Turned 7

Tomorrow is birthday eve at our house. And then they turn 7.

Seven years old. Can you believe it?

If you glance back at my birthday eve entries from years gone by, you'll notice a trend of melancholy that winds its way through my words. It seems that my daughters' birth date sends me into an odd emotional state; standing just downstream from Utter Carefree Happiness, but still upstream from Complete Despair At The Passing Of Time. Every year I found myself in an odd limbo that seemed to straddle the boundaries between wanting to celebrate all that is to come, yet needing to slightly mourn another year's passing, another step in that forward march towards independence and ever more away from babyhood, toddler hood, childhood.

I have to tell you, friends, this year feels different. There's a different feel to the air surrounding this birthday event. I don't know how to explain it; it just feels comfortable. Yes, they're turning 7. Yes, they're growing up. Yes, they're far more independent now than I had ever dared hope they'd be 7 years ago.

And I'm okay with that.

Really. I am.

I've watched them take numerous huge strides during this past year. So many steps towards becoming these amazing little people. I can only say it has been an awe inspiring adventure. They seem more complete as individuals; still deeply connected by that powerful (and sacred) twin bond that I adore, but more fully "self" , each on her own. They're expanding their educational horizons by leaps and bounds every day. These two kiddos who used to despise all things writing are now eagerly putting pencil to paper to  make stories; and my former Math-Avoiders daily anticipate our math lessons with actual smiles on their faces. Smiles, people. Smiles. 

And there's a whole new world opening up to us in terms of their level of maturity; places we can go, things we can do. They actually want to go to museums and love to explore the past and discover new places. I can see the first inklings of that wondrous feeling I know so well in them. It's the feeling you get when curiosity takes over and you find yourself wondering Why to every little thing around you. But more than just wondering, you want to know the answer. The real answer. Knowledge is like a drug, and the quest for it is pure addiction. Ask them about Mummification in ancient Egypt and they'll give you the lowdown on the whole process. All 70 days of it.

Who they are becoming, these new people they are turning out to be, is a daily source of amazement for Dan and for me. And it is an enormous privilege for me to be able to be a part of that transformation. I still find myself staring at them in wonderment thinking, How cool is this that I get to be a part of their lives? I get to see this? I mean, really, really see it. How awesome is that?

It's beyond words.

They'll be 7 on Friday. 2,555 days old. (If my math is correct, and I'm not promising that it is. They get that former math gene from me, after all).
This year I'm not accepting any melancholy into my mood. No sir. No melancholy at all.
This year is all about celebration. It's about the new things, the bigger things, the questions. Everything. It's about all of it, wrapped up in these two amazing people who are changing right before my eyes.

This birthday will be filled with all of that wonderment. And everything that they are.

Happy 7th Birthday,Caedance!
Happy 7th Birthday, Ashlyn!

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