Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome, October. It's birthday month again!

After posting my previous blog about the random, ne'er-do-wells who boldly go where no one should go and make stupid comments to me in the store in front of my daughters, I thought it would a pleasant change of pace to share a happy thought about these two dynamite little ladies.

This is their birthday month.

Yep. That's right. It's here once again. Yay!

This turn 'round the sun brings us to lap number 7. Can you believe it? Seven years old.


They have been eagerly awaiting the dawning of this first day of October since the last day of October in 2010.

And it arrived today. And they knew it. Boy, did they know it.

When I went in to their bedroom to say good morning, they both greeted me by springing out of bed and saying, "Mama, it smells like October."

"Does it? Huh."

"Do YOU know what October means, Mama?"

"Do I? Hmmmm..." Sometimes you just have to play coy.

"It's our birthday month, Mom! Remember? Our birthday?"

"Birthday, huh? Is it really? Are you sure? You are awfully young, you know. Maybe you got the wrong month. It could happen. Kids tend to forget stuff."

"Mom!" they giggled, "Kids don't forget their birthdays."

I smiled at them and caught them up in a hug, taking in the smell of their just-woken-up little selves. That smell that somehow is still the same from when they were infants. (Well, minus the dark aroma of a fresh diaper trout, naturally.)

"Of course I know it's you're birthday month, sillies. And I love it!"

We spent the morning celebrating Day One of Birthday Month in the best way possible: eating Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts and romping around in our jammies until afternoon.

My girls. My sweet, precious girls. Practically ladies now, aren't they?

Let's enjoy this month and celebrate it for all its worth, girls.

My nearly seven year olds.

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