Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Walmart Has No Hand Baskets.

     Our local Walmart no longer has shopping baskets. It's been almost one full year since the ever dwindling pile of them that greeted me just inside the door has disappeared; apparently tapped out completely.
   Normally I prefer to go with the flow on little issues, but this one really bothers me. I've asked 4 separate people and have been given four completely different answers in regards to their disappearance and subsequent failure to reappear. They are "on order" was one response. (That is some really show shipping). The powers that be got tired of people walking out with them said yet another informative. (Because they do make the most stunning fashion accessory. I often find myself wondering which shopping basket best coordinates with my outfit. But Walmart-Blue just doesn't ever make the play list.) They were all broken was another possibility. (Nope. Broken would be the wobbly-wheeled cart I seem to get every single time I shop there. Or the other one I get that only turns left. And then there's the one on which 3 of 4 wheels don't turn. Or perhaps the one that leans strangely to the right like it has a flat tire.) The final suggestion from a helpful staff member was the "Truth" that upper management doesn't believe the staff when they tell them the baskets are gone. (Really? Because it is quite shocking. I'd probably be in denial too.)
    All I know is that it's really starting to annoy me. Enough to blog about it, actually. (Insert winking smiley face here, if you will.) Is it too much to ask for hand held shopping baskets? Where are the shopping baskets? Is it a conspiracy? Have some decency Walmart; give us back the stupid baskets. Really. Or whatever.
   And if the grand plan is to make me use a cart, ergo slyly forcing me to fill it up with cheese curls and soy sauce (just to fill up all the extra space), then the joke's on you Walmart. That's right. Because I throw all my groceries (cheese curls and all) in my reusable Target bags. So there.

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  1. I resent the fact that WM has eliminated hand baskets at all stores in my area. I further resent that WM is apparently doing this because they have concluded that they will sell more goods if customers are forced to use a cart.

    I resent even much more that WM managers and executives have lied to their cashiers and staff so that they all have the same false story when asked about the lack of hand baskets. The employees apparently have been told lies that hundreds of the baskets have been stolen, and that is why they are all gone.

    That is preposterous. Imagine how many other items would be stolen if WM security was not able to stop people from stealing items as la rge and obviously not paid for as those big hand baskets.

    WM, can you say Facebook, can you say Twitter, can you say Internet. I am personally starting a campaign to expose WM for this manipulation and lying.