Saturday, January 28, 2012

The End Of January

The month of January is coming to a close. See ya next year, Jan.

January, as the first month of the year, is like the trial for the entire 12 month stint. Have you ever noticed that? It's subconscious, I think, but we all jump on board the Resolution Train on January 1st, readying ourself to make this year the best year. Ever.

And we have one whole month to prove it, right?

It's not cynical to point out that by the end of the month we've relaxed our expectations. After all, the year will be okay if we don't jog every single day, right? And really, what were we thinking when we thought that the year would somehow be better if we stopped partaking of the Lord's special gift to us: sugar products? January is kinda the trial test-month for the whole enchilada. Maybe it's a good thing we found these important truths out now, you know, before we get too far into things. It would be especially painful to come to these conclusions in say, October or something right?

Really, January is a great month, located in just the right place: right up front. It gives us time to sort through all those resolutions to see which ones are really useful and which ones are not so much. Doritos are not our enemy, people. They're not.

It is always with a sense of "Don't Let The Door Hit Ya On The Way Out" that I bid a fond farewell to the month that is January. Casting off this first month feels like shrugging free of some sort of restraint and finally being able to charge full force into the rest of the year. (Now that it's not that hindrance of January anymore.) Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I greet February first with a smile and a confident, "Let's Go Get 'Em" attitude.

January at our household is winding down with the clatter of teeth falling out. Both girls suddenly have no fewer than 5 teeth each that look as they they are hanging on by a strand of DNA. The other night, Ashlyn happily yanked out her first top tooth. We rejoiced in the new found vacancy in her upper pallet; two hours later she evicted its next door neighbor, creating yet another vacant lot on Upper Street.

Last night Caedance joined in on the fun, pulling out her first upper tooth, and freeing up a spot on her top  deck. The tooth next to it is wobbling, wobbling, wobbling. We await a repeat performance any day now.

So January ends with Jack-o-lantern grins at our house. An interesting close to the month.

February is poised to greet us with a smile. And inevitably the jingle of more loose teeth. But we're ready.

See ya later, January.

How ya doing, February?

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