Friday, August 6, 2010

Stepping Off To School

(Those who know me well know that as the day counts down, I will have things to say.)

To My Sweetest Ashlyn & Caedance

For five precious years I've had the joy
to be at home with you.
Everyday brought it's up and downs,
but together we welcomed each new view.

The new things that you learned or said,
every accomplishment you both made.
I had a front row seat for each success,
and made memories I hope won't soon fade.

Now this year you're off to school,
to start adventures away from me.
A time for you to grow and to become
the two gracious ladies I know that you'll be.

I can't say I'm prepared to see you go,
nor ready to drop you off that first day,
but know thateven if my voice should crack,
 I'm more proud of you than I can say.

You both have come so far indeed,
from being two premature and tiny babies.
You've met your challenges with spirit and spunk,
and are now two grand and glorious little ladies.

So forget whatever tears you see
that may be trickling down my cheek.
Because this is the first of many steps;
on the path to the future that you seek.

Lots of love.

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